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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


Consideration of Personal Information Privacy

We understand how important it is to keep your personal details private.

Latinos en Sydney would like to assure our members that their personal details are for our own personal use and will not be shared with third parties unless there is consent from the individual.

Information to be Collected

Members’ details are filled out by each individual, they choose which content they would like to share with Latinos en Sydney. We do require the basics such as name, date of birth, and a contact method. The date of birth is for legality reasons, primarily for consent and alcohol-related issues.

An address is used to be put into our database so that we can ensure extra services are available for the areas with a larger latino population.

The Latin-American Countries our members identify as is also used to see how to better connect with those communities as a whole. This also helps us to organise events that cater to a specific country.

Your contact information is used to contact you directly whether directly from person to person, via marketing material, or company information.

How We Collect and Store the Information

We collect the information primarily online via our website or by receiving it as an email. Contracts that have signatures will always be on a hardcopy original. Any and all hardcopy forms especially those that have a signatory will be stored with the Organisations business files at our premises.

If an individual would like certain information omitted from the database they can alter it on their member profile on our website or by emailing

Updating Personal Information

It is the member’s obligation to update their own details, this can be done by updating their online profile on the website or by emailing us at 

Once we receive the updated information from the member, it will be updated on our database.

Raising Concerns

If an individual feels that Latinos en Sydney have breached the Australian Privacy Principles, we highly encourage them to raise their concerns with us. We will endeavour to come to some sort of understanding and work out the best process to deal with the matter.

If the individual still has issues with Latinos en Sydney regarding this matter, they are encouraged to contact the appropriate governing bodies to place a breach complaint.

Disclosing Information Overseas

Latinos en Sydney will be working closely with representatives from certain Latin-American Governments. The information shared with them would mainly be on a statistical sense, for example, if there is a larger population of that particular country in one area, we can work with them to make sure we can get resources, services, information etc closer to that area.

The data will be used in an anonymous manner, sharing only figures unless stated otherwise.

From time to time Latinos en Sydney will contact the Latin-American Governments when an individual needs support and we think they may be able to assist in the matter. Information of the individual will be shared if we think there may be some benefit from the conversation and/or advice. 

As mentioned it will all be on a no-name basis.

Access to the Policy

The Policy can be downloaded here.

If an individual would like the privacy policy in a particular form, we will endeavour to take reasonable steps to give the person or body a copy in that form. 

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