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Latinos En Sydney


Latinos en Sydney


We are a Not-For-Profit Organisation (NFP) whose sole aim is to assist the Latino Community which can be achieved via various methods. We want to become the first point of contact for people in their time of need and then connect them with the best solutions for their situations.

We are an organisation that is trying to provide that much-needed assistance to the Latino Community. We work closely with other Latino organisations as well as Government bodies from Latin America based here in Sydney.

Our Organisation is rapidly expanding. We are a small business with many major projects underway. Ideas to benefit the Community is extensive and we are still perfecting the base of the operation, but in time we will be able to provide more services such as English Classes, Mother’s Groups, and Sports Groups to name a few. We are available to be contacted online if anyone needs assistance, all are welcome!

All Latin-American countries are represented by at least one colour from their National flag, which is proudly located on our logo.


To run the biggest Latino Not for Profit Organisation in Sydney. To connect, unite and support the Latino community as well as showcase their culture to people of a non-Latino heritage. We aim to provide the younger generations with a place to learn about their cultures. 


The Vision of union will hopefully come together by the various family & cultural events we will be hosting eg Family Fun Days. One day we would love the organisation to grow so that we may offer services such as mental health awareness & support as well as language classes amongst other projects to help those that may need it. 

We currently have a monthly online show called Showcasing our Community. We do just that, showcase people from our own community.

We have already had some great guests with amazing stories to tell us and are looking forward to showing you many more!

Our next event will be held in December. Book it in your calender, its family friendly – its a celebration of Our culture and you are all invited!

Click here for our Events section which will keep you updated on what we have planned.

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